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Emilio was informative and extremely professional. He is very knowledgeable and his report is thorough. Emilio went above and beyond when I needed help understanding something on the report 3 months after moving into my home. Truly refreshing to have such a great experience with Emilio, Platform Home Inspections, and a home purchase that can be very overwhelming.

Five Stars from me!....Becky 

Emilio was extremely professional and thorough during the inspection process. Every square inch of the home was covered, and inspection report was very well done. I was at the property at the time of the inspection, and had many questions for Emilio. Not just about the issues that were discovered, but general questions about the operation of utilities and appliances. His knowledge and experience were evident during this Q&A session....which gave me complete trust in his report. He even made a return trip to check the air conditioning system (because the outside temperature was too cold to check the air conditioner at the time of the original inspection). And talk about service, when it came time to move into my new home I could not get gas fireplace pilot lit....upon calling Emilio to inquire about what to do....he immediately came to the home and showed me how to do it. Extremely please with the overall service. Eric Lundberg

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Emilio was friendly, on time, very informative, he explained what he was testing and why. His report was professionally prepared and easy to read with photos that gave us an unexpected visual, of areas in the home we never would have seen without his expertise. We then felt very comfortable and empowered by the information he provided. “money well spent”. Thanks, Joe Abrams 

Mark Cantrell 

Silver Creek Realty Group 


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