​Interior Walls



Siding & Trim

Gutters & Down Spouts

Eaves, Soffits & Fascia

Electrical, Service Pannel Brakers &  Recepticals

Heating & Cooling Distribution

Gas Lines

Plumbing & Fixtures

Water Heater

Fire Place


 ​Why Should you have a home inspection?

  You have been diligently searching for a new home for months and finally you may have found the diamond in the rough.  Or is it ?   You like the location, interior space and lay out, even color.

However, a closer look may reveal some defects or inperfections that may not make this your home sweet home. PHI will perform a general home inspection to evaluate the overall condition. Here are just some of the areas we inspect:

​Exterior Walls


Crawlspace & Structural



Decks, Railings, Guards


Walkways, Driveways


Grading & Drainage 

Attic & Structural  


Roof, Flashings



Don't be blinded by the beautiful stainless steel appliances and over look what could turn into costly repairs after your purchase. Let us take a more broad and deeper look into the home, before you buy.  

From rain gutters that had been clogged with debris causing back up of rain water into the eves and walls, termite infestation, or a defective water heater. You may be surprised at what is hiding under this home. Let us find it prior to signing, so you can negotiate an allowance for repairs. 


                                                               "Knowledege is power"